Zoï Environment Network

(from Greek ζωή, zoi, "life")

The Geneva based Zoï Environment Network is a new answer to some stubborn old questions. An international non-profit organization, Zoï’s mission is to reveal, explain and communicate connections between the environment and society.

What's Zoï ?

Water shortages, industrial legacies and potential impacts of climate change are examples where an environmental problem can become a security issue. Zoï is specialized in analyzing (“know”) and communicating (“tell”) frictions between the environment and society, and hereby eventually contributing to resolving them (“act”). We design creative information products for decision-making and provide assistance to local, regional and national authorities, corporations and individuals who are ready to find solutions to these complex environmental challenges. While our geographic focus is on Europe’s margins and its neighbours (the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Mediterranean), we strive to link regional and local issues to the global environmental agenda. A spin-off of UNEP/GRID-Arendal, Zoï operates at arm’s length from international organisations, in particular with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

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Zoï Board

susan.boos, Journalist, Wochenzeitung, Zürich (President)
alex.kirby, Journalist, Climate news network, Lewes
Yvan.Rochat, Mayor of the municipality of Vernier, Geneva

zoï affiliates

A wide network of international experts in communication, visualisation, cartographics, risk assessment, engineering, implementation, capacity building, regional networks, and associated with the professional expertise of GRID-Arendal, Norway.