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Climate Policy: Central Asia, Eastern Europe and South Caucasus, 2017

In a project implemented for EU DG Clima, Zoï has analysed climate policies in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and South Caucasus, summarised in a series of climate scorecards per each country.


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Armenia scorecard: ENG   pdf     ebook
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Azerbaijan scorecard:   ENG   pdf     ebook
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Belarus scorecard: ENG   pdf     ebook
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Georgia scorecard: ENG   pdf     ebook
  RUS   pdf     ebook
Kazakhstan scorecard: ENG   pdf     ebook
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Kyrgyzstan scorecard:  ENG   pdf     ebook
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Moldova scorecard: ENG   pdf     ebook
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Russia scorecard:  ENG   pdf     ebook
  RUS   pdf     ebook
Tajikistan scorecard:  ENG   pdf     ebook
  RUS   pdf     ebook
Turkmenistan scorecard:  ENG   pdf     ebook
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Ukraine scorecard:     ENG   pdf     ebook
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Uzbekistan scorecard:  ENG   pdf     ebook
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Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) leaflet, 2016

The overall objective of the project is to support the further implementation of SEIS principles and practices in the six Eastern Partnership countries. This project builds on the achievements and results of the previous cooperation activities under the ENPI-SEIS1 project (implemented over the 2010-2015 period) and aims to further develop the capacities of the relevant authorities in the areas of:




  • Cooperation: building partnerships between the providers and users of data and information;
  • Content: generating policy-relevant and comparable information;
  • Infrastructure: using shared and modern web-based information and communication tools.


The Environment-Security Nexus in the South Caucasus: Priorities and Action, 2015

This examination of the environment and security nexus in the South Caucasus comes a decade after an initial assessment that raised awareness about the risks of environmental degradation in a region at the brink of economic boom and littered with ethno-territorial conflicts. The consensus at that time was that environmental cooperation had the potential to build confidence and eventually to help resolve conflict. Since 2004, there were setbacks within the overall geopolitical situation in the Southern Caucasus with an open conflict between Russia and Georgia in 2008 and very little progress in resolving the so-called frozen conflicts. The aim of this study, which analyzes the 2014-2015 situation, is to reinterpret the environment and security paradigm, and one of the study’s main findings is that despite the fragility of the region, new social movements may provide unexpected opportunities for progress.

Waste and Chemicals in Azerbaijan - A visual synthesis, 2013

This publication aims at catalysing remedial action on environmental legacies and responsible approaches to waste and chemical management in Azerbaijan by sharing information and improving public awareness of situations and trends, main areas of concern and notable responses.

SEIS Cookbook, 2012

The ‘SEIS cookbook’ is a guide to understanding the concept of Shared Environmental Information System. The bulk of the cookbook is devoted to case studies which show national and international implementation of SEIS elements, including at the EEA. These examples are collectively used to identify an emerging set of common trends, methods, tools and lessons which have been integrated into the ‘SEIS checklist’. The checklist can be used as a self-assessment tool to measure progress and identify areas that need further development.


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Climate Change in the South Caucasus, 2011

With this publication, Zoï Environment Network aims to communicate the known facts of climate change in a well illustrated, easily understandable manner, accessible to everyone. For this we could rely on the rich Caucasian tradition of geographic analysis, map making and visual arts. Unfortunately, the format did not allow the use of other Caucasian specialities, such as music, film, cuisine or toasts, it will be up to the reader to accompany his or her lecture with some of this. We do however want to make the point that also in the Caucasus, climate change is no more myth.


Technical paper: ENPI-SEIS Country Reports, 2011

Zoï helps the EMPIS-SEIS (European Neighborhood Policy Instrument - Shared Environmental Information Systems) National Focal Points prepare the Country Reports and associated action lists. These assessment reports describe the existing institutional cooperation in the partner countries in the field of water resources, atmospheric air, soil and biodiversity protection and waste management, assesses current environmental inter-institutional cooperation in these priority fields and identifies the country's capacity for taking SEIS implementation forward.



Environmental assessment mission to fire-affected territories in and around Nagorno-Karabakh region, 2007

The mandate of the mission led by OSCE was to assess the short-term and long-term impact of the fires of summer 2006 on the environment in the fire-affected territories and to make recommendations on how to counteract any detrimental impact of the fires and on an environmental operation.

Environment and Security - Transforming risks into cooperation - The Case of the Southern Caucasus, 2004

The report briefly presents a preliminary assessment of environment and security linkages in the Southern Caucasus, carried out at the request of the host governments and in consultation with national experts. Its purpose is to establish the parameters for follow-up action by national authorities and international partners.

Environment and security priority areas in the Southern Caucasus Russian - Poster, 2004

The text on this poster is in Russian.