Zoï Books are produced for the United Nations, the European Union, regions, countries and a growing community of readers world-wide. We closely cooperate with GRID-Arendal in providing environmental information for decision-making.

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Clima South, 2014

The project aims at reinforcing dialogue and cooperation on climate change between the European Union and the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries; supporting the transition of partner countries towards low carbon development and climate resilience. Zoi has supported ClimaSouth outreach work, such as handbooks on climate issues and other communication products.

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Environment & Security in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, 2012

The report reveals in a striking manner the linkages between environment and security in the occupied Palestinian territory. The message is clear: environmental degradation in Palestine only increases the security risks. Solutions are complex and highly depend on fair and flexible accords between Palestine and Israel, eventually Palestinian independence giving full sovereignty over environmental resources.

SEIS Cookbook, 2012

The ‘SEIS cookbook’ is a guide to understanding the concept of Shared Environmental Information System. The bulk of the cookbook is devoted to case studies which show national and international implementation of SEIS elements, including at the EEA. These examples are collectively used to identify an emerging set of common trends, methods, tools and lessons which have been integrated into the ‘SEIS checklist’. The checklist can be used as a self-assessment tool to measure progress and identify areas that need further development.


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Egypt and the Nile - Environment and Security, 2012

Did the changing climate ignite the Arab Spring? Did failures of Egyptian agriculture and the global increase in food process accelerate the fall of the Mubarak regime? The causes of the wave of revolt sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa are complex and multiple. This reports highlits the fact that environmental security and the preservation and just distribution of basic resources are the keys to peace and stability.

Jordan Environment and Security, 2011

Jordan is an ideal case study to highlight the tension between available resources and rising demand in the Middle East, but also globally. Jordan is an extreme case in that it lacks all three key necessities for human civilization: food, water and energy. This report explains that in order to provide long-term answers securing the well-being of future generations there are no short-term answers, nor yet within the boundaries of the nation-state. Regional cooperation is needed to maximize shared benefits.

Technical paper: ENPI-SEIS Country Reports, 2011

Zoï helps the EMPIS-SEIS (European Neighborhood Policy Instrument - Shared Environmental Information Systems) National Focal Points prepare the Country Reports and associated action lists. These assessment reports describe the existing institutional cooperation in the partner countries in the field of water resources, atmospheric air, soil and biodiversity protection and waste management, assesses current environmental inter-institutional cooperation in these priority fields and identifies the country's capacity for taking SEIS implementation forward.



Environment and Security Issues in the Mediterranean, 2009

This synthesis report makes these complex issues better understandable to decision-makers and a more general public. The concise analysis produced integrates the regional environmental and security, political and economical discourse.