Zoich (or ZOIЧ) was a proposed mascot for the XXII Winter Olympics, which took first place in the official online poll to select a mascot for the 2014 Sochi games. Despite being a popular Internet character, it was removed from the lineup, possibly due to its low marketability as a pleasing mascot (source: wikipedia)

Viktor Tsoi
Viktor Robertovich Tsoi (Russian: Ви́ктор Ро́бертович Цой; 21 June 1962, Leningrad, USSR  – 15 August 1990, Tukums, Latvian SSR, USSR) was a Russian rock musician, leader of the band Kino.
He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Russian rock and has many devoted fans across the countries of the former Soviet Union even today. Few musicians in the history of Russian music have been more popular or have had more impact on their genre than Viktor Tsoi and his rock band Kino.
Tsoi contributed a plethora of musical and artistic works, including ten albums. He died in a car accident on August 15, 1990, aged 28.
(source: wikipedia)

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