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Zoï Environment is training local journalists in state-of-the-art of international environmental reporting. For trained professionals in environmental information it took a while to realise that people read newspapers not reports, and watch TV not databases. Thus working with the media in relevant countries of focus was a natural step.

Zoï Environment  assembles young and mid-career journalists from the countries we work with, and make them meet and work together with seasoned reporters from their own countries and abroad (e.g. Alex Kirby, former environmental correspondent of BBC; Susan Boos, editor and reporter of WOZ die Wochenzeitung in Zurich; Hanna Hopko with The Day in Kyiv). The results are better skills, good stories, and not least continued inspiration for both sides.

Zoï Environment  also organizes media tours for international (and local) journalists to profile, visualize and broadcast issues, problems, hotspots and solutions .

For years we have supported the Central Asia Festival of Environmental Journalism which brings together and motivates journalists from that region and in 2009 we supported Belarus EcoMir film festival on behalf of the Environment and Security initiative.


Zoï Books are produced for the United Nations, the European Union, regions, countries and a growing community of readers world-wide. We closely cooperate with GRID-Arendal in providing environmental information for decision-making.

Our digital library is available here.

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Press-Tour on the Dniester River, 2011

Collection of articles and photographs from the Press-tour on Dniester River. The training was organised by Zoï, in July 2011, under the Environment and Security initiative (ENVSEC).




Special issue - Versii newspaper (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)
Newspaper article in Wochenzeitung (German) - Russian - English
Alex Kirby's broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 27th October 2011
Audio mp3 file
Broadcast transcription
Photos collection
IHPA- POPs Newsletter

Press-Tour and Master-Class in Environmental Journalism, in Belarus Polesie, 2010

Collection of articles from the Press-Tour and Master-Class in Belarus Polesie. The training was organised by Zoï, in July 2010, under the Environment and Security initiative (ENVSEC).

Meeting the locals, Press tour on the Dniester river, 2011
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